Ivy Hall Antiques
Some of the Finest 

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Early pressboard coffee bin advertising "Levering & Co" Balt. Md.
Early 1900s (teens) 
Keystone Bottle Rack
Early painted barrel churn w/ handle
Original 1883 Kyser & Rex cast iron mechanical bank depicting a lion w/ two monkeys
"Unique Art" Kiddy cyclist wind-up w/ original box (does work)
1920's Pressed Steel Keystone Steamroller
Rare 1920's Buddy L lumber truck
USA made "Unique Art" Flying circus w/ original box remnants (does work)
1831 Railroad themed pearlware mug depicting locomotive "fury"
Roy Mills Sentinel goose Canadian decoy
19TH C Rooster weathervane w/ early gilded surface & old repair
19TH C Table Top Grain Bin
19TH C Walnut Pa Splay leg stand
Unusual 1800's Rocking Horse on Platform
19TH C carved box w/ measuring scales
19TH C Elgin National Coffee Mill #44
Southern Pine Pie Safe in usual form
Rare Walking Rabbit w/ baby mold
Rabbit pulling cart chocolate mold (Germany)
Roger Mitchel Merganser decoy
Folkart Bird- 
A Running Yellow Leg's on old wooden fish net float
R. Birch Carved & Painted Robin
12 Bird Tree Folk Art Carving by David Ludwig
19TH C mahogany tea table
1890-1910 Large German Santa Nodder-Clockwork & original paper mache stamp (All Original)
Early Southern Pa diminutive cupboard w/ early finish
Early double sided "BEER-ALE" Sign
Black lettering over white background (original early bracket)
Primitive painted sleigh attributed to Henry L. Lapp (Lancaster Co) 1862-1904
1930's Carnival baseball dart board (4sf)
Pair cast iron horse heads
19TH C PA Cherry Pine 2 piece corner cupboard refinished 
Two piece step back cupboard painted over original blue
Early Chalk cat in its original paint
Clock Maker Store Display 
Cast Iron & original paint decorated
(Late 1800's / Early 1900's)
1950's Carved Acorn Trade Sign
(New Orleans bar / restaurant)
Halloween Cat Lantern
20TH C Folk Art Carved Eagle
H- 31"
1830's Lancaster county sofa 
(walnut back on pine frame)
Original paint decorated child's jelly cupboard
Late 1800s Pa Lancaster County
Early Pa flame decorated mini blanket chest
3 Tier cast iron plant stand
Hand wrought fire screen w/ applied floral embellishments 20th C

Paint decorated firkin
(Later paint decoration over blue)
Copper Fish Mold
Green hanging cupboard w/ dovetailing 
Early Orignal painted sign
Wrought Iron meat fork   H- 21 in
Tin wall sconce 
H- 22 in  W- 16 in
Seth Thomas 1910 Continental Movement
Early yarn winder in grey paint 
H- 40 in  W- 23 in
Hand carved & painted wooden fish
“Speckled Trout”
Iron candle holder
Early 20TH C tug boat 
Peterson Phila
1932 Tug portrait on canvas 
(New Haven, CT) Signed & Dated 
Tiger maple mirror (phila area) ca 1825 
H- 26 in  W- 17 in
Decorated foot stool
Wall mount hitching post 
Early 19TH C hetchel w/ punched tin decoration
Dated 1832 
Double sided folding game board
1919 handcrafted rail car in original paint 
19TH C turtle cookie cutter
H- 9 1/2 in  W- 6 in
German mercury glass Christmas ornaments 
19TH C hanging slide box

H- 15 in
W- 7 in
Dad's Rootbeer Sign
1950s Pepsi Bottle Cap Sign
Hubley Ladder Truck
Hubley Patrol Truck
Marine clock box - Chelsea clock co.
Steiff monkey on wheels
Blue sponge ware barrel pitcher
1850-1870 Granite sculpture of an empire sofa
1850 Pine deed box w/ pull out drawer & painted canvas top
Tiger Maple doll bed from Maine