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Here are some current Vendor items for sale in our store.  The purpose of this page is to enhance the communication & transaction between our shop and our customers local and far.  This will be a direct route to purchasing exactly what you're seeing posted here. This is a first come, first serve page and that is what we will commit to in an orderly fashion as we are contacted by you.

If interested in any of these items, please go to the "Contact Us" page and send us a message inquiring about the item for sale you're seeking.  After that point we will contact you and answer any of your questions about the item you're interested in.
Cast Iron Horse Head Hitching Post in original old paint

H- 3 ft 2 1/2 in
Large late 1800s game board in original paint 
(minor damage left corner)

H- 30 in
W- 18 1/4 in
Early 18th Century table desk w/ iron butterfly hinges

    Dated 1721

H- 11 in
L- 29 in
D- 15 in
Advertising "Sanalt Winsol" Die cut cardboard bottle

H- 23 1/2 in 
W- 13 1/2 in
Early miniature Red Barn replica

H- 25in    W- 28in    L- 3 ft 5in
Early blue/grey one door cupboard 

H- 5ft
W- 32in
D- 12 1/2in
Pre-1850 Horse Hitch for turned wood post
Topsy turvy doll with her quilt
(Professionally framed @ 17 in x 17 in)
19th Century walnut seed box 
H- 2 1/4 in     W- 5 in      L- 8 1/2 in
Early cupboard in original red paint

H- 6 ft 10 in
W- 3 ft
D- 14 in
19th Century New England cheese basket
H- 25 in     W- 26 in    D- 6 1/2 in
Large early basket  
H- 30 in    W- 42 in    D- 11 in
1800s Conestoga wool rug
H- 43 in    W- 27 1/2 in
25” Horeinlein (Germany) Chocolate mold
Pd: 1930-50 
19th Century crock stand with an old blue paint surface 

H- 3ft 5 in    W- 34 1/2 in     D- 17 1/2 in
Clockwork eating rabbit
H- 11 1/2 in
Fish weathervane made with a heavy- gauge copper
Ca. 1880            L- 32 1/2 in
Carved Eagle mirror 
(finely carved feathers w/ ball & claw feet)
H- 33 in   W- 26 in
1920's steel craft railway express 
1920's keystone moving van
1920's Buddy "L" fire truck 
(All original)
1920's keystone ambulance
1920's buddy "L" red baby
​Paint decorated counter with multicolored floral panels (paint restoration to top)

H- 3 ft 3 in
W- 6 ft 2 1/2 in
D- 29 1/2 in
19th C New England painted pewter cupboard

H- 6 ft 5 in        W- 3 ft 8 in
D- 11 in (top) & 18 in (bottom)
​Early 1800's 
miniature paint decorated chest

H- 8 in
W- 15 1/2 in
D- 9 1/2 in
Turn of the century four- tier plant stand in an old ivory paint

H- 31 in    W- 3 ft    D- 29 1/2 in (bottom)
Old wood carved dove (new guild)
H- 9 1/2 in    W- 21 1/2 in
​Late 1700s Conestoga Wagon tool box 
w/ original hardware 
Early paper mache witch full head mask
Model replica home located in Doyelstown, PA 
Maker:  Alvin T Smith

Ca. 1900
H- 27 in
W- 24 in x 26 in
Skeleton Costume with paper mache skull
Small yellow/brown grained document box in original finish ca. 1874 (Inscription & Date inside)
Late 1800's Pa folk art grain decorated chest
H- 8"    W- 13"    D- 7 1/2"
Child's size dry sink in original paint
Carved patriotic eagle plaque in orinial paint. ca. 1860-1890
Set of six paint decorated chairs
(Floral & Leaf designs)
Early bee-skep with mud insulation
Folk-Art turtle foot stools
Early 20th C
​Early 1800s Conestoga wagon canteen in mustard over blue paint 
Large early wooden clock hands
​Carved heart mold
Copper Tea Kettle on stand w/ warmer cup
ca. 1900
Colorful Folkart Mirror depicting two love birds and five hearts
(by John Zadvra)
19th C wooden canteen 
Wooden piggon w/ early wrought iron reinforcement
ca. 1700 - 1800
Late 18th C spiral candle stick
Primitive wooden tube in original red paint
Pair of old kegs on a later made rack
Pa decorated child's chest of drawers
ca. 1830
Lantern w/ original "Charleston green" paint
 & mercury glass reflector w/ oil lamp
ca. 1860
Early 19th C Pa pine standing dough box in dry red surface over salmon base coat
Early PA pine shelf ca. 1860
Early 20TH C Trade Station Sign from Brevard, NC
19TH C New Hampshire sign
19th C handmade herb crusher w/ great patina
Early Santa candy store display (repainted)
Santa in store box window display
(G. Fox & Co. Center of CT living since 1897)
19th C American horse on wheels pull toy
(horse mane & tail)
Early german santa jack-in-box
St. Claus Wagon w/ original horse
8" Red Coat Santa Candy Container
8" Brown Coat Santa Candy Container
Early Steiff elephant w/ button on ear
​Tin Toy Flying Swings Game
19" Woodcutter santa
Early German Santa Sleigh
Early Christmas Stocking
1870's/90's original paint push sleigh w/ "PARIS MFG. CO. ME U.S.A" stenciled on bottom
12" Woodcutter Santa
Late 19th C Barber Pole in original surface
Wooden starred treen container
19th C Apothecary w/ 24 dovetailed drawers
19th C One door cupboard in original paint
24" Woodcutter Santa w/ restorations
20th C Tin table candle chandelier 
(By James Eisenhart)
​Early one door cupboard in original red paint
Early handled pie board
 Late 19th / early 20th C
Hose winder in original red paint
18th C American Wrought Iron Rushlight w/ candleholder counterweight
Original Blackhawk Cut out sheet iron weathervane 1880s
Early hand carved sugar mold depicting a heart, diamond, and spade. Great pitina
20TH C Folk Art tin owl
Early 20th C stone carving found in Md
19TH C Wood Carved American Eagle w/ shield & arrows in gold paint
First United States Green Back $1 Bill 1862
19th C Cats hooked rug
Small cupboard in original surface
H- 22 in     W- 19 in     D- 10 in
Early 1800s (Federal Period) Reverse painting hall mirror
Mid 1800's Fire Patrol Wagon in original red paint w/ mustard & green lettering 
1820's/1830's Blown 3 mold tier sandwich hat in cobalt blue w/ base pontil
Double sided American eagle flask w/ 14 stars & base pontil
1840's Scarce 1/2 pint Historical Lowell Mass. railroad flask w/ eagle & stars on reverse side.
Base pontil   G-3-23
Early 1800s American blown 3 mold Amherst & blue Swirl glass mug w/ base pontil
Early red painted Pa farm wagon
1840's/1860's 8 sided umbrella ink bottle in dark green-blue w/ base pontil
Early Antique Dolphin weathervane
Civil war era pint size pocket flask in a rare yellow & green color w/ base pontil

Early Still Life painting on canvas
Mid to late 1800s red/mustard painted child's chair
H- 21" W- 12"
1920's to 30's Sunoco oil rack w/ bottles